Where’s the corn go?

So, I took delivery of an Apple TV today.

I guess, prior to ordering the Apple TV, I should have made sure that it actually had a video output port of sufficiently ancient tech to actually plug into my aging Sony TV.

But, it doesn’t. I guess it’ll make an awesome paperweight. 🙂

So, now I’m shopping for something that can convert component video or DVI output feeds into Svideo or composite video feeds. Or, possibly, a new television set.

We’ll choose the former option, thanks.

Another political post. Sorry. But it is funny.

Morning of Thursday the 28th of August, 2008: The Rt Honourable Winston Peters MP, on the subject of allegedly fraudulent activies with regards to donations to the New Zealand First party, says that the Serious Fraud Office should either lay charges against him or “shut up and go away”.

Afternoon of Thursday the 28th of August, 2008: Grant Liddel, Director of the Serious Fraud Office, announces that they will hold an inquiry into donations to New Zealand first.

Seriously. Golden.

On a related note, Peters said this today: “I am prepared to wait on the court steps for them and if they don’t turn up they can go away for ever.”

What does that even mean? It’s not like Peters can book a time to meet with the SFO, and if they don’t show up … that’s it! Game over! He’s off the hook! You had your chance, SFO, and you blew it!

I don’t think it works like that, Winston.

[Picture of a sign reading “No” goes here]

I don’t generally post entries here about politics in general, and especially not about NZ politics because (a) apart from some tinkering around the edges, the two main NZ political parties are very similar, and (b) politics and the parliamentary process is generally as pointless, and as childish, as any random schoolyard at lunchtime.

I know people who blog about nothing but politics. I don’t know how they stand it.

Given all that, it’s very amusing to watch Winston Peters in absolutely Full Effect at the moment, lashing out at the media and reporters for .. well, for reporting the various accusations of corruption currently flying at him regarding alledged lies on his part about donations from Owen Glenn.

It’s even more amusing, though, to watch Helen Clark fail to stand him down from his seriously-not-a-bauble-of-office non-cabinet they’re-not-junkets, they’re-fact-finding-missions position as Minister of Foreign Affairs, especially when she has previously stood down ministers for the political equivalent of not sending her a Christmas card.

As for the accusations themselves, I make no call on it – only the privileges committee will have all the evidence, and any information source I have access to will surely not. But I do tend to think that Glenn has little motive to lie about who solicited his donation, whereas Winston surely does.

Takin’ our jerbs.

Outspoken media personality Sir Robert Jones said he believed a “lesbian takeover” was behind a new law requiring a court jury foreman to instead be called a foreperson.

That’s interesting.

And by “interesting” I mean, “At best misogynistic, and at worst batshit insane.”

It’s very obvious that the female gender gets the short end of the stick with regards to language use in contemporary NZ culture. Men say things like “That’s a bit of a girly drink”. People are told to “Quit your bitching.”. Sports figures “Throw like a girl”. And so on, and so on.

“Foreman” isn’t as bad as the explicitly negative comparisons I’ve just listed, but it does still clearly contain an inherent bias. Of COURSE the person fronting for the jury is a MAN! One could hardly trust a woman to do the job!

I’m not excluding myself from this gripe, by the way. I’m as bad as anyone at using language in this manner, but at least I’m aware of it, and I try my best not to be a complete pillock with regards to matters of gender bias.

I’m certainly rather shocked that anyone in the 21st century could seriously see an attempt to neutralize this kind of male skew, especially in the language of law, as a “lesbian takeover”.

In Miami, the traffic can be …….. Murder.

I just found out from Annette that David Caruso, who plays Horiatio Caine in CSI Miami, also played Kit-Kat in the movie “Hudson Hawk”, a movie which is mostly hated by everyone but is a cult hit and a personal favourite of mine.

Totally. Gobsmacked.

This makes both CSI Miami and Hudson Hawk SO MUCH BETTER.

All aboard the fail train!

So I just got out of a meeting which was an autopsy of the issues and run-on effects of a network fault. Sadly, although I am pretty sure I wasn’t the root cause of the initial fault, stuff that I did during to try to resolve it, stuff that made sense to me at the time, actually caused other problems later on. Nothing customer-facing, thank goodness, but internal issues are still issues.

Dammit. I hate it when I do that shit. Cut Cut Cut

Still, all you can do is learn from the experience and not make the same mistakes twice.