Month: July 2003

Moving. Sucks. Ass.

“Hey, let’s save a few bucks, let’s have a bit more money to put in as equity on the new place! Let’s … MOVE OURSELVES! We can just rent a truck, pack everything in it, it’ll be no big deal.”


If you’re ever thinking about doing this, and you own a reasonably large amount of stuff, for-fucking-get about it.

Anyway, it’s all done now, we’re installed in the (temporary) shelter of Annette’s parents place (Kick ass! If only they had a _basement_ we could live in, just to complete the loser no-hoper cliche!) until the new apartment is built. We’re in, my computer works, and we’ve had DSL installed.

Shifting into the apartment in a couple of months.

This time, I’ll happily pay for movers.

Reporting for duty, Keptin.

I saw this on PvP today, on Scott Kurtzs “A piece of my mind” column, where he was talking about a Trek convention he’d recently attended:

“Mark taps me on the shoulder and motions me to look over to the right. Next to Wil’s table is a table for Walter Keonig. Nobody is waiting in line for him. Not one person. He’s reading the newspaper and just looking bored as hell. At one point he stopped and did that universal “I’m bored” move where you lean forward and put your chin on one fist all defeated. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but in Tulsa. He needed a cookie.”

Walter Koenig was there? And no-one was talking to him?


I would be FIRST in line to talk to the dude. I mean, the guy played _Bester_ on B5 for chrissakes, he’s worked on Futurama, he owned on Privateers, he’s a sucessful scriptwriter. And that’s not even counting his excellent work on Star Trek. To this _day_ his delivery of “We’re looking for nuclear wessels…” line makes me laugh.

Who wouldn’t want to talk to Koenig about working with JMS on Babylon 5?

If this report is true, then it’s a damn shame.

[Edit: Just read back over this.. I am such a fucking fanboy dweeb. Still, what I said remains true.]