This is the blog of John S Russell, AKA JSR.

JSR is a professional (citation needed) network engineer, a skilled (CITATION NEEDED) lover, and an Intertnet asshole (No citation needed).

This blog is a weird Frankenstein creature cobbled together from imported data from Tumblr, Livejournal, even Twitter, and centralised here for the sake of data sovereignty and a vague interest in playing with WordPress. If you’re reading old entries and wondering why the tone shifts all over the place, that’ll be why. Also, since we’re talking about weird tone, I was kinda messed up back in the late 1990s and early 2000’s so cut me some slack. I used to vote National, for fucks sake. I’m better now. Anyway, sorry about the odd, frantic, strident nature of some of the posts. Also sorry for voting National. If it helps, when I was voting that way, National didn’t get in. I could probably argue that it was … Ironic voting?

Any flaws in this blog merely reflect the artisinal nature of the postings and are to be  considered part of a deliberate Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. You can’t prove otherwise.