We had Sky TV installed recently, as they were offering free installation plus 12 months half-price on the basic package. They have some music video channels, and the Living Channel (which is, like, real estate and renovations and restorations and stuff. Basically, crack cocaine for white folks who own houses.)

Some thoughts:

– Bandwidth allocated to the Living Channel and music channels is shit compared to anything you might torrent. Any quick pans or rapid movement is very artifact-y. Looks like a realplayer file from back in the day. I guess the sports channels get all the love.

– Advertisements. What the fuck, Sky? Do you really need 5 ad breaks in one show, each of which runs pretty much the same ads for other shows that will be on the same channel? Pointless, and irksome.

– Willow loves the music channels, and the kids channels. LOVES THEM.