Month: July 2010

Bike Repair Log: Gear Change

Repaired: Gearchange mechanism and interconnect to transmission. Gearchange mounting bracket. Left footpeg now present.

Outcome: No longer stuck in third gear unless you manually move the selector on the transmission with vice grips. Can now actually change gear normally, and also have a place to rest your left foot while riding.

Results: Helpful while riding the bike.

Oily hands: YES

Blood: NONE

Taxonomic Nomenclature

Cat #1

Actual name: Pippin

Nicknames: Pip. Pipper. Pipkin. Pip-pip. Senor Pip. The Pipmeister. Pippolous Pippleby. Hateful Face.

Cat #2

Actual name: Merry (Alias: Monty)

Nicknames: Merman. Merp. Monkey. Mon. Monarch of the Glen. Mermonman. Montague. Monster. Worried Face.