Man, I am having a great time riding down to Masterton today. Taking it easy, stopping lots to make fun of things, the bike is running perfectly, this is great!

Oh, more road works? I’ll slow down.

There’s been SO MUCH road works around today, seriously – is there a big push to upgrade SH1 or something? There’s a shitload of resurfacing, and fucking cones everywhere. Oh, hey, more cones on that corner, too, I don’t … SHIT, THAT CORNER IS ALL DEEP GRAVEL.

Fuck fuck fuck, gotta slow down, gotta slow down, I might be able to … ah, no.

Okay, in the gravel, that’s fine, maybe I can keep it upright while I … ah, no.

Ow, ow, fuck, ow. Welp, that’s why I’m wearing the leather. Man, this will not be doing kind things to the fairings of the bike.

Maybe I’ll slide to a halt before we hit the solid metal barrier on the other side of the road…