Would that it were, would that it were …

[jsr] That’s actually concept art from the new Tron movie.
[Schmoo] mmm new tron movie looks cool
[Schmoo] though I dissaprove of the bikes being able to do curves
[jsr] Schmoo: The old bikes also turned in curves, when off the game grid.
[jsr] /dork
[@Schmoo] oooh jsr, if you were on QI Stephen would be putting on his nerd voice for that one
[Fenchurch] If jsr was on QI, he’d skip answering the questions in favour of trying to make out with Stephen Fry.
[jsr] Truth.
[jsr] I am straight, but would happily take a shot in the mouth for Stephen Fry.
[Schmoo] would that it were, would that it were


  1. I also fancy Stephen Fry, truth be told.

  2. I fancy anyone who can use the subjunctive – man or woman, it’s the grammar that twists my dial.

  3. I’m glad our watching QI every night whilst eating tea got Schmoo some fame on your LJ!