Month: August 2009

Would that it were, would that it were …

[jsr] That’s actually concept art from the new Tron movie.
[Schmoo] mmm new tron movie looks cool
[Schmoo] though I dissaprove of the bikes being able to do curves
[jsr] Schmoo: The old bikes also turned in curves, when off the game grid.
[jsr] /dork
[@Schmoo] oooh jsr, if you were on QI Stephen would be putting on his nerd voice for that one
[Fenchurch] If jsr was on QI, he’d skip answering the questions in favour of trying to make out with Stephen Fry.
[jsr] Truth.
[jsr] I am straight, but would happily take a shot in the mouth for Stephen Fry.
[Schmoo] would that it were, would that it were

“Micro”? HAH! AMIRITE?!?!

Mains to 5V USB Adapters

Saw this image on BoingBoing today.

Both of these items are US mains power to 5V USB adapters. They both do exactly the same thing. One is made by Apple, for the iPhone. The other is by Microsoft, for the Zune.

This is an example of when dedication to design is very very pleasing.

I suspect that the Zune charger costs less. Possibly not much less, but hey, every little bit counts when you’re shipping product in big enough quantities, and baby these Zunes will FLY out the door!