..head out on the highway…

Finally got around to taking some pictures of my new ride.




These were taken in a very low light garage, using my iphone and its tiny-ass lens. It didn’t do a bad job compensating for the darkness, but still, my apologies in advance for the grainyness of the images – it couldn’t be helped.


  1. “PWN”? When you contract teh ghey? 🙂

  2. anyone would think you’re Lookin for adventure….

  3. “PWN”? Ok, srsly, you just lost all rights to hassle my bike lights.

    Utterly. 😛

  4. Licence plate is WIN!

  5. Plate is much pwnage 😀

  6. Sadly, no – it’s just a green wall. 🙂 The greenscreen is going in the new house, and I’ve had an EXCELLENT idea for a short film project which will make use of it.