1. I would like, if I may, to somewhat verify JSRs comment here by drawing attention to the comparison between the final shot of the video and this photo of me from 6 months ago.




    I have no idea _what_ he’s talking about. 😛

    • So it’s not so much “in your dreams” as “in your weekend”?

      • Well, I think JSR was referring more to the fact that I would also rather have that robotic _body_ than the fact that I want to do the freerunning.

        I already do the jumping.

        It’s the fact that I’m still trapped in a fragile non-redundant wobbling meat sack is what irks me on a daily basis.

        • After my mother had her stroke (caused by a car accident four weeks prior) I’m very appreciative when the fragile meat works as it should. We are really just so easy to break. 🙁