Good Dog

Ducked home from work early, because my beloved found out today that her mum was in a car accident yesterday. Looks like an oncoming car in the other lane crossed the line, and hit her head on. She has fairly minor-sounding injuries, luckily. But poor little Silver, the utterly beloved family dog, was also in the car, and wasn’t restrained at all. She didn’t make it through. She was a really cool, scrappy, friendly little dog, and everyone loved her. It’s a damn shame.

But man, it could have been so much worse – a head on crash, on country roads, at country road speeds? That could have ended very very badly for everyone involved. I’m just glad Annettes mum is OK.

We’re going to go see them ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Good Dog

  1. sorry for the loss of Silver. Losing a family pet is tough at any time but these circumstances.. sheesh.

    Wishing Annette’s mum a speedy recovery!


  2. Wow, that’s really horrible! Hope you are all Ok and Annette’s mum recovers well. I’m so sorry to hear about the dog. I’m thinking you’ll be on a lot of hug duty for a while.
    Best wishes.


  3. Dude, that sucks. My thoughts are with you both. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of Silver but very glad to hear Annettes mum is not seriously injured!

    Hugs to you both!


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