There’s the poor old gaffer going down the hill with his bits of things on a barrow.

I find that I require some sort of bag in which to transport my accumulated personal stuffs while I’m riding the new bike.

And when I say stuffs, I mostly mean “laptop”, these days.

Anyone got any reccommendations? Ideally, I think I’d like:

– Backpack bag (preferred, though a tote style bag would also be ok)
– Hard shell (preferred, so that laptop might survive me dropping the bike. But not essential.)
– Waterproof (it rains a lot in AKL)
– Big enough to fit a 17″ macbook.

I guess that’s about it.

Any advice, gentle readers?


  1. Oh, yes, that’s more like it!


    Remembering the LAN and the 17″-monitor-with-cable-dragging-on-the-ground incident. It just needs some clamping thing,EN
    Otherwise there’s the Logitech Kinetic backpacks, but the shell on those isn’t that rigid, and they’re not upsized to 17″

    I like the briefcase version,en

    But really. This is what you want.

  3. That bag is full of awesome. 🙂

  4. I like the pink fuzzy felt bag, but if thats not you… check out Crumpler’s range.