Purchased today: One (1) Suzuki RF900R, Colour Black, For the riding thereof.

Also: Shoei helmet about 10x better fitting, lighter, more awesome than the cheap-ass helmets I could afford when I was a student.

Also: Clutch-working left hand well out of condition. Sore after short ride. This should self-correct eventually.

Also: Ask kai-loi where the best place is to order super-awesome-cool LED lighting kits, “NO FEAR” stickers, handlebar tassles, playing cards and clothespegs to stuck in bike wheels, etc. He is wise in these matters.


  1. Biggest bike you’ve owned?

  2. Congrats on the bike. Wow.. that’s only 200ccs smaller than my bike. 😛

    In all seriousness tho I’ve not found the bigger bikes to be much different to the smaller ones they handle a bit heavier and they just have more guts when you need it. But it’s not insane like I thought it would be.

    Jealous on the RF.. always loved them.

    I also found my clutch hand cramped for the first week. It was terrible. 🙂




    You’re welcome.

    • Oh, awesome! Now I am GOOD TO GO!

      Actually, what I really now need is a hard-shell backpack that can fit a 17″ macbook pro.

  3. And why sir, are you wearing my husband upon your head?

  4. This is the one I want:

    I’ve seen it in person and it’s very cute.