I just returned from purchasing bikin’ gears.

I bought new gloves, with nice kevlar plates over critical hand bits such as knuckles. Test punched myself in the head while wearing them. It hurt. Required size XXXL. I also purchased a fine Shoei Multitec helmet, which fits well and is a nice weight and feel. Required XXL.

“WHY is his head so BIG? WHYYYY is his HEAD so BIIIGGGGG?”

Tried on my old riding jacket – still doesn’t fit, but it’s a lot closer to fitting than the last time I tried it on. Some kudos there to crazy fad eating-less-getting-more-exercise diet.

I have other leather jackets but they’re all a finer, more delicate leather, and surely wouldn’t deal well with being hit by the planet Earth at speed. I think I’ll have to acquire a new riding jacket that’s more robust. Might require a custom build.

Also, I saw some gloves at the store which had shiny plastic pretend-chrome bits stuck all over them. I thought immediately of kai-loi. I showed the gloves to Annette, and she immediately thought of kai-loi. I’m just sayin’ is all. Don’t mean nothin’ by it. Just sayin’.


  1. sounds like a magpie – “Ooohh… pretty SHINY!”

    Ahem… pictures of your goodies please?

  2. Big head = lifelong suffering. I know this.

  3. As you described said gloves I saw them in my head and immediately thought of Chris too

  4. I have the opposite problem. My helmet is an XXS. Being at the extreme end can actually be quite good though because you can often get a lot of stuff at the outlet stores. I just wish I was an XS in clothing too – so so so many size 8 draggin jeans in the outlet stores. Admittedly there are more XXL bikers than XXS ones.

    If you’re looking at jackets I can recommend Teknic (I think that is the spelling) textile ones – mine is woman’s one obviously but their boy stuff looks similar. Good price for the quality (I think mine was about $200 though it was on sale) and nice and adjustable with lots of removable/replaceable padding/armor and most of their stuff seems designed that way. Mine also has a removable winter/tour liner which I can’t recommend highly enough.