Month: June 2009

LOL, as the kids say, FAIL

Rees won’t buy ticket for $90m Oz Lotto

“Punters will descend on newsagents across NSW and the ACT on Tuesday to stake their claim to the $90 million Oz Lotto jackpot. But an altruistic NSW Premier Nathan Rees will be sitting this one out, saying he doesn’t want to reduce the chances of other hopefuls.”

It’s so nice that you don’t need a grasp of how that thing … what’s it called … statistics! .. how statistics works to be in politics.

On a related note, last night I stubbed the pinkie toe on my left foot, tearing the nail quite painfully. So if you, gentle reader, didn’t stub your toe .. well, you can thank me when next we meet.

Less than meets the eye

Geek Confession:

I thought the transformers cartoons were shit in the 1980s, and I think the recent live-action transformers movies are DoubleShit.

I wasn’t interested in Productbots vs Merchandisacons when I was in my early teens, and I’m definitely not fucking interested when that dead-eyed waste of skin Shia LaBeouf is thrown into the mix.

Good Dog

Ducked home from work early, because my beloved found out today that her mum was in a car accident yesterday. Looks like an oncoming car in the other lane crossed the line, and hit her head on. She has fairly minor-sounding injuries, luckily. But poor little Silver, the utterly beloved family dog, was also in the car, and wasn’t restrained at all. She didn’t make it through. She was a really cool, scrappy, friendly little dog, and everyone loved her. It’s a damn shame.

But man, it could have been so much worse – a head on crash, on country roads, at country road speeds? That could have ended very very badly for everyone involved. I’m just glad Annettes mum is OK.

We’re going to go see them ASAP.


I’ve been at home all day, illin’ it up.

I have all the symptoms of some kind of flu – headache, upset tum, bad cough.

I’m strongly hoping it’s not of the swine variety.

Bomb squad.

From Wikipedia, on the entry for my new bike:

The pink wire connected to the ECU of some of the later 900 bikes retards the ignition timing in the lower 3 gears to make the bike more user friendly, limiting the ability to spin up the rear wheel out of corners, and reduced wheelie tendencies. Disconnecting this pink wire removes this feature.

I’m pondering installing a switch on this wire, and labelling it “DEATH” and “NO DEATH”. Although for the latter position, I may go with “LESS DEATH”.

What does this button dooooOOOOOAAAAARRGHHHH

First lengthy ride on new bike (about 20 or 30kms, from previous owners place to Annette’s parents place.)

So, the RF is 900cc, and my previous few bikes have all been 750cc. Doesn’t seem that much different, right? Except that the old bikes were all circa mid 80’s, and the RF is a 1996 bike.

Over a decades worth of engine tech upgrades = Holy Shitballs.

It’s an absurdly torquey bike, and the torque curve is pretty much flat. If you want to go faster, you just roll the throttle and it goes faster. Any gear. Any speed. The speedo goes up to 190, to which I thought, “That’s plenty fast enough for me.” .. except upon closer inspection, it’s 190 _MILES_ per hour. That’s like .. 300KPH or so. INSANE. While I’m sure it’s an optimistic upper limit on the speedo, I will never EVER get anywhere NEAR that. The engine redline starts at 12000rpm. It’s going to take a while before I get used to revving up around there, as anything over 4000rpm or so feels like I’m working the engine. I’m not. It’s bored. So very bored.

I, the rider, am not bored.

There’s the poor old gaffer going down the hill with his bits of things on a barrow.

I find that I require some sort of bag in which to transport my accumulated personal stuffs while I’m riding the new bike.

And when I say stuffs, I mostly mean “laptop”, these days.

Anyone got any reccommendations? Ideally, I think I’d like:

– Backpack bag (preferred, though a tote style bag would also be ok)
– Hard shell (preferred, so that laptop might survive me dropping the bike. But not essential.)
– Waterproof (it rains a lot in AKL)
– Big enough to fit a 17″ macbook.

I guess that’s about it.

Any advice, gentle readers?


Purchased today: One (1) Suzuki RF900R, Colour Black, For the riding thereof.

Also: Shoei helmet about 10x better fitting, lighter, more awesome than the cheap-ass helmets I could afford when I was a student.

Also: Clutch-working left hand well out of condition. Sore after short ride. This should self-correct eventually.

Also: Ask kai-loi where the best place is to order super-awesome-cool LED lighting kits, “NO FEAR” stickers, handlebar tassles, playing cards and clothespegs to stuck in bike wheels, etc. He is wise in these matters.


I just returned from purchasing bikin’ gears.

I bought new gloves, with nice kevlar plates over critical hand bits such as knuckles. Test punched myself in the head while wearing them. It hurt. Required size XXXL. I also purchased a fine Shoei Multitec helmet, which fits well and is a nice weight and feel. Required XXL.

“WHY is his head so BIG? WHYYYY is his HEAD so BIIIGGGGG?”

Tried on my old riding jacket – still doesn’t fit, but it’s a lot closer to fitting than the last time I tried it on. Some kudos there to crazy fad eating-less-getting-more-exercise diet.

I have other leather jackets but they’re all a finer, more delicate leather, and surely wouldn’t deal well with being hit by the planet Earth at speed. I think I’ll have to acquire a new riding jacket that’s more robust. Might require a custom build.

Also, I saw some gloves at the store which had shiny plastic pretend-chrome bits stuck all over them. I thought immediately of kai-loi. I showed the gloves to Annette, and she immediately thought of kai-loi. I’m just sayin’ is all. Don’t mean nothin’ by it. Just sayin’.