True Geek Confession!

This months True Geek Confession is:

I have never seen “The Goonies”.

I missed out on last months, so here’s a bonus:

I still read and enjoy some of the “Dragonlance” books.[1]

Tune in next month for more True Geek Confessions, where you may mock me at will.

[1] The [Noun] of the Twins books, specifically. Obviously not the original trilogy, because it’s shit.


  1. Today I found out that someone I know likes Dragonlance. FML.

  2. I’m with you on the dragonlance books… well the twins ones anyway. I also read the Dritzz D’rin books (well the original ones).

    However.. not having seen goonies is an unforgivable crime and I might have to stop being your friend. 😛

  3. I’d quite like to read the (noun) of the Twins books again actually

    • The Twins trilogy were the only DL books I enjoyed; Raistlin is a hottie.

      • If someone had asked me “Which character from the twins books, would Zeb most like?” I would have said “Raistlin” straight away.

        I’m just sayin’ is all.

  4. You have never seen the Goonies!?!? 🙁
    Oh JSR!

  5. Even better than actually watching The Goonies is watching Cindi Lauper’s accompanying two-part music video. Especially the bit from about 6:10 to 6:30.