How will I manage without a flashlight app?

This weekend, the following things have broken, in order:

(1) Our car. This is now in the shop. They don’t have a loaner, so I am taking the bus to work.
(2) My new iphone headset. This is now being weird in one ear.
(3) My iPhone. It developed a bunch of dead pixels in the exact middle of the screen. It’s now also in the shop, being “serviced” which I guess means “being looked at by an apple tech, then thrown out and replaced.”

I’ve also just realised that my iphone has my Blizzard authenticator on it, and in order to log into my account management to remove the authenticator, I will need the authenticator.

See if you can see the problem with that.

An e-mail to Blizzard (Subject: QQ!!!11!!!) is now in order.

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  1. Oops! They must have some procedure for lost/broken phones, yet knowing Blizzard I have the feeling it will not be easy…