How may words for snow can you sms?

So, the other day Annette and I were at the house we want to buy, waiting for the real estate agent to show up. We’re sort of purposelessly standing on the corner of the street, in this quiet suburb, at night. Just waiting for this dude to arrive and show us the place.

We noticed that cars that drove past us sort of slowed down a little bit, and the drivers and passengers would stare at us. They were obviously wondering who we were, and what we were doing loitering in their ‘hood without ANY kind of obvious agenda.

Naturally, we decide to play into this role. I assumed a sort of S-shaped slouch, and start txting Annette.

Only problem is, the traditional slouch of the modern youth hurts my back, and I can’t manage it for long. And when I tried to txt Annette with “Wanna do some happy slaps and stabbings, innit?” my iPhone auto corrected the latter word to “Inuit” which frankly, does not give me any street cred at all.

We’re shit at being chavs, is my point.

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  1. Bloody politically correct iPhone. It should have auto corrected it to “delicious Eskimo sweeties”. And any Canadanianans can go back to where they came from.