Credit crunch? What credit crunch? … Oh, THAT credit crunch. Right. OK.

So, we’re waiting on word from the bank confirming our new mortgage. And it’s taking freaking ages, and driving us crazy.

Now, this particular mortgage is not that large, specifically because we’re putting down a fairly plump deposit. In fact, the largest deposit I’ve ever put down on any property, both in absolute terms and as a percentage of the total price.

Also, when obtaining previous mortgages, I’ve been paid less than I’m currently getting, I’ve had a truckload of credit card debt instead of my current almost-zero level of credit card debt. And these days I’ve got no student loans, no hire purchases, no car loan, etc.

And yet, previous mortgages have been like “Yep, looks fine.” [Rubber Stamp: Approved!] and this one has to go through credit analysis, etc, and is taking ages.

Westpac appear now to be MUCH more uptight about this than they used to be.


  1. Are you trying to admit personal responsibility for the current global crisis through your previous wonton use of credit? You should. It’s part of the healing process.

    ps. Why are you using Westpac?

    • I did have a truly absurd amount of credit card debt at one point, and now I don’t. It may very well be my fault. Please send over the punishment whisky, and I will mournfully drink it.

    • Westpac have been very good to me, over the years. I have exactly zero problems with them, except for this very recent delay in forking me over a fat loan.