We be illin’

I keep meaning to post more stuff about Japan .. I have a lot of fragments of things in my head about it, but nothing that is actually coherent. I should probably just start writing, and things will come together.

So I have some kind of lurgy – felt kinda shit all friday afternoon, worse on friday night. I nearly bailed on my regular friday night drinks with friends, and I really dislike doing that. Saturday was equally crap, and today … up and down, but the down bits are awful. It actually hurts when I move my eyes too far in any direction. Only mostly straight ahead is ok.

And I suspect that I have spread this contagion to Annette.

It’s one of those flus that makes all your joints and muscles hurt, and saps energy. I’d be glad when it’s over.

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  1. That reminds me… I watched ep1 of the remake of “Survivors” the other day. It wasn’t bad.