Month: March 2009


There’s little I hate more than being sick. There’s not a much worse intrusion to my otherwise comfy world than have a continuous sort of background low-grade lurgy that saps energy and concentration in greater and lesser degrees.


I feel slightly better this afternoon, I sure as hell hope that I’m over this flu by monday, or I shall have to go see a doctor for strong medicine. I’ve stayed away from work for the last couple of days, and I really hope I haven’t given this to any of my co-workers.

The annoying thing is that generally, I can’t even concentrate enough to do anything much at home. I’ve mostly been in bed the whole time, or staring at a screen. Can’t even play a video game or read a book.


The 1934 BMW R7


How much could one of these possibly cost? I’m sure it’s not that much.


Tried to get up and go to work this morning. Managed to make it from the bed, all the way across the apartment, before getting kinda dizzy and ill. Went back to bed, slept for another 9 hours or so with terrible dreams and sweats. Seriously, sucky flu.

We be illin’

I keep meaning to post more stuff about Japan .. I have a lot of fragments of things in my head about it, but nothing that is actually coherent. I should probably just start writing, and things will come together.

So I have some kind of lurgy – felt kinda shit all friday afternoon, worse on friday night. I nearly bailed on my regular friday night drinks with friends, and I really dislike doing that. Saturday was equally crap, and today … up and down, but the down bits are awful. It actually hurts when I move my eyes too far in any direction. Only mostly straight ahead is ok.

And I suspect that I have spread this contagion to Annette.

It’s one of those flus that makes all your joints and muscles hurt, and saps energy. I’d be glad when it’s over.