So, Annette and I got married yesterday. Which was awesome. I shall post pics, as soon as the photographer gets them back to us. It was great fun, we had the exact ceremony we wanted, and everything went off without a hitch. There were a few friends that I wished could have been there, but sadly, life conspired against it. Fitz & Annette, Emma and Karl, I’m lookin’ at you.

My wife is so totally awesome, and I feel very very lucky to have her beside me.

How long does it take to get used to wearing the ring? I keep tinkering with mine.

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to Japan for our honeymoon. We’ll be blogging regularly from there, and posting pictures.

I know exactly zero japanese, I can’t even remember the phrases that Annette tried to teach me, which translate to stuff like “Please Excuse Me!” and “Does anyone here speak english?” and “I am a howling barbarian ghost from beyond the edge of the world, and thus I do not know any better.”

Personally, I have a plan to just wave my arms and make a huge fuss if there are any problems, in an effort to leverage Japanese distaste for making a scene into me getting (a) what I want, and (b) out of trouble. I’ve seen this referred to as “Gaijin Smash!”.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Have a wonderful time 🙂

    When do you guys get back? We’re probably going to spend a few days in Auckland next month (mostly taking Crispin to see the dinosaur at the museum) I’d love to see you guys but I have a nasty feeling you’ll still be off honeymooning.

  2. The wedding was awesome and I have sent Annette some photos (this time properly sized!!!).

    Enjoy Japan it shall be awesome

  3. Congratulations! I still tinker with my ring. In fact, if I’ve taken it off to do house work etc, I go to play with it and it’s weirder cause it’s not there 🙂
    Have a great honeymoon!

  4. Congrats be in order then…..have a great time scaring the locals

  5. Have a great honeymoon 🙂

  6. Yay – congratulations!! I hope Japan is AWESOME! 🙂

  7. I think you may have an adequate amount of loom to get away without speaking Japanese!