A good time was had by all.

Friday night was my Stag Night, kindly organised by by good friend Chris. He and my other groomsman Grant attended, as did various other chums.

I requested something civilised, since I’m old enough that the prospect of hookers and drunkenness[1] fills me with an emotion that I’m not sure has a name, but is basically a mixture of horror, embarrassment, and boredom.

We ended up having a very good meal at Cin Cin, a restaurant and bar down on the waterfront. I’ve had drinks there a few times, but never eaten there. It was actually quite excellent. Then we jaunted off to a burlesque show called the Hoochie Kootchie Review. It placed, pleasingly, little emphasis on skin, and lots of emphasis on entertainment, tease, and humour. Well worth it! After this show, we decamped to the back room of a bar in Ponsonby, for drinks and chat.

I had a very good time, and would really like to publicly thank Chris for a great job, and thank everyone present for being fun to hit the town with.

I should also state that during this, I was presented by Chris with a gift, in the form of a MONOCLE, which I shall now wear every time I am expecting something to greatly surprise me, so that it can pop off with a “Boing!” sound.

[1] At least, the kind of drunkenness where you throw up, as opposed to the kind of drunkenness where you happily give the Glad Eye to the girl selling candy at the show.


  1. Now that you have the monocle you can say things like “Yoiks!” and “I say!”

    • I’ve already been on the receiving end of him putting it on and saying “I bid you GOOD DAY SIR!” when I said something he didn’t approve of. 😉

  2. Whooo hooo!! Glad you had a good time!

  3. I would have to concur – a very good time was had by all. To Chris I say Good Show, well played indeed. And to JSR I wish you the best with your impending nuptials!

  4. Congrats on getting married if I forgot to say it earlier.