Annette moved to the edge of a sheer, icy cliff and paused a moment, surveying the battlefield below. Even at this height, she could hear the noise of the Lich Kings’ undead forces clashing with the combined might of the Alliance and the Horde. She thought back on the countless quests that she and JSR had triumphantly completed, on the friends they’d made and the friends they’d left behind, and she thought of the tasks yet to come. One day, Arthas would surely be defeated and Azeroth would be made safe once again.

Shaking off these thoughts, she summoned her mighty steed to her side. In one motion, she leaped onto its back, and hurled herself forth into the cold air of Icecrown.

Where she went wrong, I reckon, was that she really should have made sure she had summoned a flying mount.

I did manage to fly down .. very far down .. to her corpse and cast a resurrection spell. After I finished laughing.


  1. Gravity is a harsh mistress.

  2. I am somewhat disturbed by the speed with which I clicked on this link, but then I was well rewarded. I hurted my tumtum laughing.