More like iFAIL amirite?

My iPhone has started being normal volume in the left channel, and really quiet in the right channel. This behaviour persists through several sets of headphones (and headphones perform normally on other audio devices) and through a complete iPhone restore, including firmware.

I .. I think it’s actually … broken.

Can apple stuff actually break? Is that even allowed? Isn’t the iPhone supposed to be some platonic ideal of a cellphone, casting a shadow on a cave wall and this producing all other cellphones?

I guess I’ll be contacting AppleCare.

3 thoughts on “More like iFAIL amirite?

  1. Interesting.. Mine did this too about a month ago.. and the right channel was all crackly. I took a pin and dug around in the headphone jack socket and found a bit of fluff from my pocket wrapped up in there on the track for the right channel. Pulled it out.. and hey-presto… fixored!


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