Here, chick chick chick! Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Go away.

Work put on an xmas lunch today – KFC and Indian food. Which is an awesome thing for work to do.

I wasn’t in an indian food mood, so I had a couple of bits of KFC. This is the first time I’ve had KFC chicken bits, with bones in, for a very long time. It was pretty bad, and I didn’t have any more. I do still like their boneless filet things, but I can no longer eat the actual chicken. It’s just too greasy and occasionally unevenly cooked and generally low-grade.

By about 1:30pm, I was feeling slightly ill. By two, I had thrown up. By three, I was asking people if they had any headache pills, and sweating like crazy, even in the air conditioned environment of my office. By three-thirty, I was on my way home.

I get home, take a bunch of Neurofen and go to bed, where I had some fairly evil dreams (in which I went to a Hare Krishna run restaurant, someone stole my laptop and I had to threaten violence to everyone present before I got it back – I ended up beating the hell out of all of them and STILL didn’t actually get it returned to me … very psychological!) and just now woke up, feeling fine.

Moral of this story is: KFC is awful.

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  1. I think you need to be a regular eater of KFC to be able to handle it. Gotta build up the enzymes or something.

    Poor JSR 🙁