Kawaii vs Spooky … FIGHT!

I just watched the following happen with Annette playing “Saltcake”, her new Death Knight character in WoW:

“Saltcake gently pats The Lich King.”

After I stopped laughing, this made me think – I wonder if anyone, instead of saying stuff like “You’re a monster!” and “We will avenge your father!”, has tried just being nice to the guy?

“Arthas! Good to see you! Come on in! Have a seat by the fire, you look cold. No? That’s fine, old chap, no problem. Can I get you anything? Would you like a drink, or something to eat? … Souls? I’ll check the kitchen, but I don’t think we have any souls. How’ve you been doing? You look pale, have you been ill?”

On an unrelated note, I was up ’till around 0630 this morning – I had a killer headache all night, so no sleep, coupled with the awesome roadworks going on outside featuring the roller which, I suspect, was specifically tuned to operated at the exact resonant frequency of my apartment building.

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