I just opened a letter personally addressed to myself, which turned out to be from “Apartment Specialist” Daniel Horrobin, of Ray White real estate.

In this letter, Daniel has taken the time to “keep me up to date on our apartment market” despite my never having had dealings with him in any way. Isn’t that nice? That’s nice.

Daniel writes to let me know .. actually, there’s a couple of paragraphs of stuff, but it basically condenses down to “Real estate woo!” with a subtext of “Please select me as your real estate agent.”

Anyway, the funny bit comes at the end where, in an effort to assure you that stuff is actually selling, Daniel writes “I have included the most recent sales below.”

Then he lists two apartments that have sold in the last six months.

One of them is our apartment. It apparently sold in May of this year, an event of which I have no recollection.

To make this even funnier, this letter was mailed to me at our apartment.

The end result is that my initial zero level of interest in using this guy as a real estate agent is, as a result of his marketing efforts, now substantially less than zero. FAIL.


  1. you so need to respond to him with a politely worded letter of FAIL

  2. That’s an amazing coincidence, because we bought an apartment in your building through Ray White Real Estate in May of this year, and the no-hopers who were staying there still haven’t shifted out. I’m thinking I might have to call in the heavy mob to, y’know, drop a few hints.

  3. Don’t sit idle

    Do the guy for false advertising. A disproportionate number of Real Estate agents are crooks and thieves, and it’s shit like this that makes it easy for them to exist as such (blatantly LYING and never getting called on it.)

    A $10,000 fine should sort out this joker, I’d say.

  4. on the other hand, if all he has sold in the last 6 months is 2 apartments – he’s doing really BADLY!! you’d be lucky to get 10K out of him.
    I know a guy at another realty, and he is selling at least 6 per month!