I herd you liek dragonballs?

After a lengthy torr .. uh, acquisition, I have begun my Dragonball watching.

I fear I have set myself a difficult task. I’ve now watched the first few episodes of Dragonball (not DBZ) and it’s .. quite painful. I suspect a lot of that is because I’m watching the english dub rather than a subtitled original, and the dubbing is pretty terrible.

Also, I’ve spent pretty much from friday dinnertime ’till this morning playing World of Warcraft. I haven’t played WoW this hardcore since the last expansion, and before than since when I got the damn game. And I’m only a couple of levels into the new content. Some people were level 80 about a day or so after it was released! MADNESS!


  1. I keep reading your title as “you LICK dragonballs” which is kind of dirty even for you.

  2. I’ve only seen the ads for Dragonball on other anime DVDs, and that was enough Dragonball for me.