Voted eccellente!

Went out and voted this morning. Made up my mind who to vote for about 5 mins before walking into the voting .. place.

We had lunch at a new cafe down the road, which does all kinds of italian food. I had pizza and it was GREAT, so surely they will be visited again.

We were served by The Most Italian Guy Ever, which was pretty fantastic in and of itself. How italian was he? I will tell you. He was swarthy. He had stubble. Not a beard, mind you, just .. stubble. Lots of it. He had a nicely tailored suit, with a waistcoat. It was finely cut. He himself was a slender fellow, and slim of hip. He wore a fedora hat, and it looked like clothes and not a costume. He said “Caio!” and “Bella!” and it didn’t seem like an affectation. He played music on the sound system of the cafe which included the Theme from The Godfather. Yes, seriously.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that he was seriously Italian.

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  1. Does Annette have reason to be worried? 😛

    What is the name of this fine Italian place? I must try @_@