My lab coat arrived!

Oh yeah!

I’m gettin’ ready to lay down some fucking SCIENCE all up ons!


  1. *wolf whistles at you*

  2. Looks good! We must all now call you Dr JSR. The only question left is Dr of what…

  3. You must put swirls onto your lens….if only for the classic anime mad scientist effect

  4. You look like a very serious medical professional.
    JSR MD

  5. Hahaha . . . your very ‘Science is SERIOUS BUSINESS’ face is made of awesome! 🙂

  6. oh YEAH! That’s what I’m talkin ’bout. check out the furrowed brow of science

  7. Until you have stains that can only be explained by the interaction of certain dangerous chemicals on that coat it’s all for show.

    Shirts for show, stains for a pro. 😛

  8. Having said that you’re pretty much going to have to run over to the xkcd store and buy either this t-shirt

    or this one…

    … immediately to wear with that coat.

  9. When you put on the coat, do you suddenly find yourself taken over by another personality who wants to conduct experiments on the sexy womens?

    • Well, no. But it’s a moot point, because my _usual_ personality also wants to conduct experiments on the sexy womens.

      Are you volunteering? Because I’ll test that hypothesis wild, girl. I’ll be iterating that process _all night_, and my peer reviews always end in publication. Aw yeah.