Fill ‘er up, thanks. With regular unleaded. And with RACISM.

Annette and I went out to get dinner tonight, and on the way I filled up the car at the local petrol station. As I approached the counter, there was a dude (who I shall refer to as “Fuckstick”) already there and in conversation with the attendant. The following conversation took place as I walked up and stood behind Fuckstick:

Fuckstick: “…just go back where you came from.”
Attendant: “Sir, I can assure you..”
Fuckstick: “New Zealand doesn’t need you.”
Attendant: “Sir, I..”
Fuckstick: “Fucking ragheads. Go back to Iraq.”
Me: “Dude.”
Fuckstick: “What? Fuck ’em. Muslim terrorists. Fuck.”
Me: “He’s not Muslim.”
Fuckstick: “What?”
Me: “Look at his turban. And his beard. He’s a Sikh.”
Fuckstick: “All the same to me.” (He leaves)
Me: (To attendant) “…on behalf of the entire Caucasian race, I apologise.”
Attendant: (Gesturing towards departing Fuckstick) “I get that all the time.”

Fuckstick didn’t even look like any of the usual options you would expect. No popped collar and rugby shirt. No skinhead haircut and big boots. He just looked like a regular guy.

The whole thing made me slightly bummed out, and continues to do so.


  1. How depressing. I always like to think fondly that NZers are relatively enlightened, but I suppose it has its share of morons too.

  2. Try living in the UK. Although I am saddened that it’s started happening so much in NZ, it doesn’t surprise me as it was just a matter of time really. And if you think that’s bad… I still can’t get over how completely and utterly racist everyone is over here. Probably about 500 times worse than I expected. Really does make NZ look like the most laid back, non-prejudice country in the world.

  3. The stupid burns. Like acid.

  4. Go you. Wankers are going to be wankers, that’s their thing. But ‘decent people’ don’t say ‘hey, dude, you’re a wanker’ nearly often enough.

  5. That just sums up why people suck. But I love the fact that you said something, that makes me warm in my happy place

    • All I did was point out, quite politely, that he had the guys religion totally wrong, and that despite what Fox News would have you believe, Turbans do not equal Muslims do not equal TEH TERRAR! .. I feel kinda bad for not saying more, or at least telling Fuckstick that he is a Fuckstick.

      • what makes peoples brains make these huge leaps of logic? I wish lj had a ven diagram function
        terrorists = bad
        some terrorists = muslim
        all muslims = terrorists
        all brown people with headwear = muslim = terrorists
        all foreigners = bad

        • Lack of education is what makes these people make these huge leaps of logic.

          For you the above are all ridiculous, because you understand the subtleties.

          For “Joe Fuckstick” it makes sense.. because he doesn’t know any better.

          Every time I see something like this I get all fired up about going and teaching disadvantaged kids how to read again.

          If I could prevent just one kid from growing up into the guy in this post I would die happy.

          I really should.

  6. Shame that, while Sikhs carry a knife, they don’t generally cut a bitch with it.

    • OTOH, how many geeks do you know carry a knife?

      I’m a programmer and I carry a cheap knockoff of a Mercator K55K knife (having lost the genuine one I found underneath Defender at the Dog-House), and I last used it to jimmy the door to the office when the lock jammed… though I think I use it more at home for cutting wire and bailing twine. Useful things knives.

      …but you shouldn’t need to carry one to get respect for your Culture or Religion.

  7. I really really hope Annette knows just how lucky she is to have you!

    From someone whose has to deal with this sort of shit.

  8. My oldest boy has a Sikh middle name – Jasvindar. I’m always amazed when people confuse Sikhs with Muslims.