Oh, I’ve regenerated? … ‘citing!

So, Russell Brand has resigned from his radio show due to feedback from voice-mail messages that he and Johnathan Ross left for Andrew Sachs, the actor who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers.

That’s fairly surreal.

I haven’t actually heard that show yet, but based on the descriptions of the messages (and I am speaking here as a fan of Brands work) it does sound like a complete and total douchebag move on their parts.

Having said that, this does mean that Russell is without a permanent job and at ALMOST THE EXACT SAME TIME, David Tennant has announced that he will be leaving the role of Doctor Who…

That leads to all sorts of amusing and TOTALLY AWESOME possibilities, doesn’t it?

8999 … and climbing

I’ve been talking to friends recently about how keen I am on The New Sincerity, and basically doing away (except when it’s really merited) with being only ironically in favour of stuff, and indeed also doing away with generally being sarcastic about more-or-less everything in the world.

It’s VERY EASY to make fun of pretty much everything humans do, as we’re really very silly creatures. It’s much harder to actually be interested in things and honestly pleased by them .. and be willing to express this in the kind of culture I’m immersed in daily where poking fun is expected and rewarded, and actually liking stuff just makes you a target for the previously mentioned fun-poking.

With that in mind, I would like to inform readers that I watch a lot of episodes of the anime version of Naruto, and I like it. The characters are all quite stereotypical, especially for anime, but those stereotypes exist for a reason – they tend to connect with you, in a Hero of 1000 Faces manner.

This show is both popular, and aimed at kids, so anime fans of the neckbeard variety do tend to look down on it a bit – those kind of people tend to have some commonality with indy music kids, in that the minute something is popular, it’s instantly less cool! … Exclusivity is greatly prized.

I, however, happily admit that I like it a lot.

So, given that I am trying to stop trying to be Too Cool For School, and that I already like one kids anime show, I am going to engage in an experiment.

I am going to watch the most hated kids anime show, and I’m going to try to watch it honestly an unironically, and I’m going to post the results here to my journal.

I intend to watch every single episode of Dragonball Z, and report my findings to you.

Kemosabe, jump on it!

This afternoon I complained to a co-worker that thanks to him, I had the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Apache (Jump on it!)” in my head, and it wouldn’t get out.

Whereupon he started singing the song, and he, I, and another co-worker proceeded to perform a small snippet of this dance sequence:

That’s the kind of quality entertainment you don’t get from other Network Operation Centers.


On friday night, we went to Murderburger for dinner. We went again on Saturday. And then we went again for dinner today. And frankly, I could eat another one, right now.

Burgerfuel … you are out. Please leave the runway.

Where does the CGI fart-joke sidekick go?

Just got home from editing of a video project for work. Probably about halfway done, at 4 or 5 hours. This for a piece of video that will last about 8 or so minutes. Without the help of _poe_ it would take SO MUCH LONGER. He is a machine!

Another few hours tomorrow night should finish the cut. I’ll run it past the producers at work on friday, and hopefully they’ll like it!