Dad, there’s someone at the door!

Secret Confessions That Make Me Less Of A Geek:

I don’t really understand the appeal of Boba Fett. He just doesn’t have that much impact on me, and never has, even right back when I watched all three[1] Star Wars movies for the first time.

I just don’t get it.

[1] There were only three. I don’t care what you say. Three.

7 thoughts on “Dad, there’s someone at the door!

  1. For me I think the appeal these days is largely aesthetic – he always had the coolest costume (which looks super awesome in cutesy, super-deformed mode, IMO). Certainly, the movies don’t give you much to go on — he’s a bit of a badass in Empire Strikes Back, but then his death in Return of the Jedi is pretty much played for laughs (possibly the first point in series’ slide that lead first to Ewoks, then to… other things). I think it’s in the fanfiction where most of his following was developed (and by “fanfiction” I mean anything that isn’t one of the moives).


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