Where’s the corn go?

So, I took delivery of an Apple TV today.

I guess, prior to ordering the Apple TV, I should have made sure that it actually had a video output port of sufficiently ancient tech to actually plug into my aging Sony TV.

But, it doesn’t. I guess it’ll make an awesome paperweight. 🙂

So, now I’m shopping for something that can convert component video or DVI output feeds into Svideo or composite video feeds. Or, possibly, a new television set.


  1. S-what? Compost?

    I vote NEW TV.

    I liked it. 🙂

  2. Apple TV

    If it has DVI-I (ie, digital and analogue signals in the DVI connector), then I suspect Apple’s DVI to Video dongle might work (see, eg, DSE XH0454). In theory it should also be possible to find component to S-Video cables, but some quick searching doesn’t turn them up. Don’t expect the quality of either to be amazing, but S-Video should be tolerable providing the cable run is short. Composite video… less so.


  3. Viewmaster do several converters – someone in NZ has one for $119 (http://www.corporatecomputers.co.nz/IOProducts.htm) but you’d have to check the details. Opinion is divided as to whether conversion causes image degradation or whether S-video and composite just look like that anyway.

  4. A converter would be easy to find. But really, it’s new TV time.

  5. Nothing very new here, but to say that often DVI sockets will carry analog signals as well as the Digital one. So a converter might work, perhaps atleast get you going until next pay day. I would have thought there would be info on the web about what signals are there?