In Miami, the traffic can be …….. Murder.

I just found out from Annette that David Caruso, who plays Horiatio Caine in CSI Miami, also played Kit-Kat in the movie “Hudson Hawk”, a movie which is mostly hated by everyone but is a cult hit and a personal favourite of mine.

Totally. Gobsmacked.

This makes both CSI Miami and Hudson Hawk SO MUCH BETTER.

13 thoughts on “In Miami, the traffic can be …….. Murder.

  1. I really liked Hudson Hawk when it first came out (I still do, I suppose) and I never understood why it was a “bad” movie.

    And, yeah, Caruso with dyed black hair! No sunglasses and no “Yeeeeow!” though.


      1. You have yet to discover the Caruso-bot and his sunglasses of Justice?

        so named due to Caruso starting speeches on CSI:Miami are almost 100% the same speed and cadence , and his cast and crew re-named the sunglasses shortly into the show


    1. Added to my Amazon wish list. Will be included in my next order. Thanks! AAAA++++ AWESOME COMMENTER WOULD ALLOW TO COMMENT AGAIN. HAIL SATAN.


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