Series of Tubes

So, today I migrated my personal network stuff (and colocation for various geek friends) from ICONZ to my current employer, who’re kindly allowing me to snag a half-rack or so of totally unmanaged, no SLA at all, you’re-on-your-own colocation space for a mates-rates price.

So, shut down the old peering links, shut down the router and switch, power down and de-cable power, networking, cross-connects, management and KVM, de-rack heavy-ass servers, put in car, drive across town (slowly), throw old router and switch under my desk with DISGUST, re-rack everything, recable everything to shiny new hotness router and switch, power up servers, tinker with networking to ensure that correct networks are being advertised to correct places, reticulate all the cables, re-assemble rack.

I had forgotten how much actual standing up and down and carrying and lifting shit there was in this kind of move. And I basically only had to do the re-assemble end, since Rob2 was kind enough to show up with Burly Men in tow to help with shutdown.

Quite tired now. But everything seems to be working, and my stuff is now once again connected to a network that I have control over. Which is re-assuring. The guys at ICONZ know what they’re doing, but … you know. Some things need to stay close to home.


  1. My shit is now all 100%. Turns out my VMs don’t start automatically. I’m completely certain there’s a chance they might now 🙂 The only thing I realised from this is that now my secondary DNS is in the same rack I basically lack decent redundancy. Oh well.

    • hahaha you and me both buddy.

      I just realised that when I moved KAOS from one virtual machine to anther I had the old one coming up but not the new one on reboot.

      “Why are all my web pages like 6 months old all of a sudden?”