I am not a number! No, wait, I am! An official number!

Drivers License: Restored! Unperson status: Revoked!

My birth certificate arrived, and was acceptable ID for the licensing place. Awesome!

I also went to the optometrist for a checkup and certificate for driving which was fun, especially the bit where they stick fluorescent yellow shit in your eyes then look at it with a UV lamp thing (I think the yellow stuff helps them see the blood vessels in your eyes). There were a couple of amusing exchanges with the optometrist, thusly:

She: “Do you spend much time using computers, or reading books?”
Me: “I … Uh … Yes.”
She: “I thought so.”

So apprently I am shortsighted, with an astygmatism in my left eye, which is pretty much the exact same diagnosis I got about 10 or 15 years back, so that’s cool. New glasses are forthcoming, but I am still perfectly fine to drive without them. Neat. Also…

She: “Typically, when men get to 45 or 50, their eyes change with age so that their vision ‘shifts’ and they need glasses for close up stuff like reading or computer operation. However, with your shortsightedness, you’re mostly already corrected for that, so you likely won’t need them. You’re pretty much set up for computer use or reading.”
Me: “I KNEW it!”

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  1. Do you know what’s worse than having them put the dye in? It’s when they put the dye in and then turn your eyelid inside out.

    Also, Jamie’s job for today is to renew HIS license which he just discovered expired in October. He’s spent the last couple of days very carefully keeping to the speed limit and wearing his seatbelt.