‘sup fool? Identify this shit, yo.

Annette has never played any of the Diablo games[1] so every time we’re on the Northern motorway and we pass the Tristram off-ramp, my frequent “Stay a while! And listen!” comments are met with a blank look. Or a pitying look, the kind you would give a kitten that’s trying to ferociously bite you, but is too pathetic to do so properly.

We’re going to buy a couple of copies of Diablo 3, though, and play through it cooperatively. I have high hopes for it – Blizzard have quite simply never put out a crap game.

[1] Though she has played a lot of WoW, and WoW’s gameplay owes much .. or all .. to Diablo.


  1. I am totally in for Diablo 3. The game play trailer makes me happy.

  2. Rush playing Rock Band

    If you haven’t seen it yet, Here is Rush attempting Tom Sawyer on Rock Band.


  3. Oh, is that what that thing you say is? I thought you were referring to Impossible Mission.

  4. I have to admit, I’ve never played Diablo.

    I think it was from a time when I had insufficient computer.

    – MugginsM

  5. I love Diablo. 3 may force us to a hardware upgrade. I raced my son to finishing Diablo 2, and he beat me.