Ooh! Me! Me! I’ll watch the watchmen! Pick me!

The trailer for the new Watchmen movie looks .. pretty good. I like the visual work of the characters, anyway – and the clockwork palace on Mars[1] also looks excellent.

I won’t get my hopes up high, however, because the trailer for The Phantom Menace also looked good. In fact, that trailer actually made a hugely better emotional connection than the movie did, possibly because in the trailer you didn’t have to watch people fail to act while delivering leaden dialogue.

Anyway, Watchmen. I likes what I sees, so far.

[1] You know – when I write it down like that … it sounds really silly.


  1. Well it’s directed by the guy who did 300, so we know he can stick to source material — he’s apparently said he’s not changing the ending, which is… good, I guess. Does that count as a spoiler?

  2. It does look promising. The main thing I was concerned about was that they’d try to set it in the present day instead of 1985.

  3. Where’s Doc Manhatten’s willy? Have they Kenned Doc Manhatten?

    Not that I fixate on cartoon characters genitals…. that is…. well any way.