I’m not really frowning ALL the time.

Annette and I were at the Elliot Street Stables, which is a sort of boutique mall with many little shops full of oh, just FABULOUS things, you know. We were there to purchase leaves at the awesome little tea shop.

Anyway, in their little central dining area they have live entertainment for the crowds, entertainment which that day consisted of a dude, his accoustic guitar, and some amps.

While we were shopping, he was playing the usual accoustic guitar standards – I don’t precisely recall what because they were so innocuous, but if you think along the lines of My Girl and Stand By Me, you’re on the right track.

As Annette was purchasing her tea choices, however, he segued out of whatever he was playing (let’s say “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys) into … Paranoid by Black Sabbath. A really mellow, accoustic, laid back version of Paranoid.

“Is that Black Sabbath?” I said to Annette, who just looked at me. “I think it is. I have to go. Be right back.”

I left the store and wandered down to where he was playing. He was being totally ignored by the crowds so I stared at him until I caught his eye, and then threw him The Horns.

He couldn’t throw ’em back because he was playing guitar, but he nodded, and he knew that I knew, and he also knew that I appreciated.

I like it when the world drops that kind of thing randomly into my life.


  1. That is a beautiful thing. It maketh me smile *gleee*

  2. There is a guy in Cashel Mall who, every time I walk past, starts playing “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

    Now that I see that written down, it’s kind of creepy.

  3. I must need more sleep – I honestly spent hours pondering why you’d be buying leaves from a teashop and not a florist (and I had THREE cups of tea during that time!)