Cell’f PWND


I may have to reverse my position on the iPhone. My previous statements about it’s weird lack of some functionality still stand, and are still valid, however I’ve now had a look through the apps available from the app store, and the cool ones come together to form a kind of Voltron of usefulness which offsets the problems I have with it and tip the scales in the other direction.

Loopt alone is such a neat idea that it makes me happy just to think about it.



Gadgetlust … rising … must escape … warn others….


  1. Loopt doesn’t seem to be available in New Zealand yet. There are a bunch of other social networking apps though.

  2. I totally agree about the stupidity of no “tethering” (and the suckiness of iTunes, and Apple’s attitudes about app development, etc, etc) but even then I knew I still wanted one.

    So far it’s been damn impressive.

    And using Google Reader to keep myself amused while waiting in the emergency department at the hospital last night was obviously what it was designed to do.