Look! Up in the sky!

Okay, so. Superbishops. Special, super, bishops. That only guys can be. Because obviously they’re needed, now that women can be regular bishops.

Oh course, when women get to be Superbishops, I guess they’ll have to make Ultrabishops, or Hyperbishops or OMEGA BISHOPS. Can’t really have women being in charge, after all. What happens if they have to make an important decision and it’s that time of the month? Or maybe they’re distracted by ribbons or kittens? Where would we be then?

Fucks sake. What the hell is WRONG with people?


  1. Alphabishops rather than Omegabishops, surely?

  2. *snigger* distracted by ribbons & kittens – that is really funn..*ooh, kittens!*

  3. Not that I’m admitting anything, but the other day I was out doing important stuff, y’know, making important decisions and all, when I spotted a tiny wee kitten sitting huddled up against a front door on a cold blustery day. Yeah, okay, I got distracted. There were no ribbons, though.

  4. Why would a woman want to be part of something that so actively works to belittle them?

    • Spaniels

      There’s no shortage of spaniels who worship displays of dominance.

      Right now, though, a bunch of male bishops are just figuratively locking themselves in the toilet and having a sulk.

  5. Well, they’re already partly qualified. They’ve got the capes. If they make a lycra unitard and, y’know, saving the world compulsory as well I’ll be all for it. It’d be a better use of their time than whining about women clergy.