Failvin and the … Failmunks. Yeah.

Quite a while back I mentioned to Annette that ‘they’ were making an Alvin and the chipmunks movie. Now, I was never a fan of the original, so my care factor about this project was zero. I did, however, use it to mention that there’s NO WAY they could just, say, make a damn Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Oh no. They’d have to “sex it up”, I said. They’d have to make it “edgy”.

Except, they couldn’t actually make it edgy for reals, so they’d have to do what Hollywood always does when it wants to make stuff “edgy” and “street” which is to add Skateboarding, turn one of the characters into a Computer Internet Hacker of the Internet using Computers , and above all and most importantly, include lots and lots of B-Boy stances. Those are CRITICAL.

Nothing says hip and now like 20, 25-year old hip-hop stylings, minus the actual music. Fuck yes.

Anyway, while heading out for lunch recently, we saw a poster for this movie in a shop window. I’ve included an image of it with this blog entry. Deducing My thoughts and LULZ on the matter is left as an exercise for the reader.

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5 thoughts on “Failvin and the … Failmunks. Yeah.

  1. Check out the other poster where the edginess of the failmunks is demonstrated by them SHITTING ON JASON LEE.

    The failmunks here representing Hollywood and Jason Lee representing… himself. And when one represents oneself one has a fool for a client, sir.


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