Swap you this coffee for thousands of pieces of gold?

The Jewelcrafting skill that my wonderful partner Annette picked up in World of Warcraft has paid off bigtime for her. She’s been PRINTING moneys by selling jewels. Most awesomely just gave me 5000 gold pieces so I could buy an epic flying mount. In exchange, I made her a cup of coffee. This is a fair deal, in my opinion. 🙂


  1. So… how often do they have World of War Craft Faires? Is there a Macramecrafting skill available? Because there really should be.

    • The Darkmoon Faire meets each month, alternating between outside Stormwind for the Alliance faction, or Thunder Bluff for the Horde faction. There is no macrame crafting, though there is Tailoring. And you can make a [Stylin’ Purple Hat].

  2. That works for me on many levels.