“Work” area

It’s taken me hours to tear down my old computer area (I am graciously allowed a whole corner of the bedroom we keep desks and computers and whatnot in – the rest is taken up with the crafting of cute paperwork by the good folks at Nut and Bee) and then set up a whole environment. I felt that now I am finished, I should record the results.

5 thoughts on ““Work” area

    1. Surely you jest! Can you not see Mr Killbot securely blu-tacked to the right hand corner of the leftmost monitor?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!11!!!!


  1. It is remarkebly compact. I always imagined something like a set from The Matrix. On the subject of sticking things to a monitor, I was in an office last week where soemone had stuck those yellow sticky notes around three sides, like there would have been more than 20 of them, I think Apple came out with an electronic version years ago.


    1. You’re joking, right? That’s one laptop with an extra screen plugged into it, and a dedicated media player box. That’s _massively_ cut down from the setup I used to have.


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