Allow me to express my opinion of the Iron Man movie in cupcake form…

Best. Superhero. Movie. Ever.

And if you didn’t stay ’till the very end after the credits, it sucks to be you.


  1. It was indeed possessed of high degrees of excellence.

  2. Everyone I know who’s seen it says it was brilliant. Hooray! Even more encouragement to brave the cold evenings and go see it tomorrow.

  3. Indeed. I think it could have been better — if, for example, it had started with a title card that said “IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE COMICS AND DON’T ALREADY KNOW WHO IRON MAN IS: FUCK YOU” and just consisted of two hours of Iron Man blowing up tanks and blasting people through walls.

    I’m glad I didn’t see it on opening night, though — the combined geekgasm of all the comic nerds who saw that after-the-credits scene would doubtless have knocked me to the floor. I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the events it portends come about, though.