Month: May 2008

Did he also play monopoly?

Here’s an article from Stuff about a loser who beat up a police officer. From the article are as follows:

“Like a character from Grand Theft Auto, the game he played compulsively, Tim Reid went on a rampage, stole a police car, and left a policeman unconscious and bleeding on the roadside.”

“[Wellington District Court judge Denys Barry said] he committed violent offences and compulsively played Grand Theft Auto.”

“He said Reid was hardwired for violence and anti-social behaviour and programmed by his recreational pursuits.”

“Judge Barry’s concerns were backed by Family First national director Bob McCoskrie, who said violent video games were of far greater concern than violent television programmes or films. “Rather than observing the law- breaker you take on the role of the law-breaker . . .we think it desensitises certain people.””

The headline of this article is “Rampage blamed on GTA obsession”.

Fuck me, we’d better ban those games ASAP! Think of the children! Oh, and then there’s also this:

“[His lawyer] said Reid began smoking cannabis at five, was sexually and physically abused, and now abused drugs and alcohol. He had met his co-offender in the cells at Lower Hutt District Court, and when they were both bailed they began a road trip to New Plymouth.”

Uh … yeah … but you know, that’s not really very moral-outrage-inducing. Let’s instead focus on video games, shall we?

I suspect this sort of thing will go on until enough oldies die to make the number of people who play or played video games the majority.

On a related note, this, courtesy of the US Department of Justice statistics:

The Rules

From an article in The Sun..

“[Theme park Alton Towers] has banned adults from using pocket computers – so they spend more time having fun with their kids.

Any parent seen tapping on a PDA will have it confiscated by special wardens at Alton Towers.”

I tried to get my head around this – can you do that? The worst these Alton Towers people could say, assuming the park is private property, is “Please stop using your phone, or we will have to ask you to leave.” which is 100% acceptable. But they can’t just steal it from you by making up their own “rules” and expecting you to obey them even if they’re illegal. I wish we could all have that ability:

“Thanks for inviting us over, JSR.”
“No problem. Uh … thing is, though, there’s a new policy here that Annette and I get to have hot monkey threesome sex with your girlfriend, and you have to wait in the other room until we’re done, then bring me cheese sandwich.”
“Yeah. It’s a new rule. I just made it up. So, uh, cheese is in the fridge, bread is on the kitchen bench.”
“Well … I guess if it’s the rules …”

If anyone other than a police officer came up to me while I was answering a txt and said they were taking my phone, they’d get The Bash. Even if it was one of the rozzers, I’d (politely and respectfully) decline unless they could quote legislation that legalised their confiscation of it – and I don’t think such legislation exists.

Of course, this is printed in The Sun, which means that Alton Park have probably just put up a sign saying “Patrons of the park are politely requested to turn off cellphones.” and some yellow journalist has said “Story!” to themselves and run with it, making up “Special Wardens” and strict rules and cybernetic phone detector robots. Their editor, of course, removed the robots. Hell, robots are a whole other usable story all on their own!

Check The Sun next week.


From an article in the NZ Herald:

“New Zealand broadband users are right up with the most internet-addicted nations in the world, spending on average 22 hours per week online, according to a new survey.”

22 hours/week? That’s, like, 3hrs/day.

Amateurs. I mock their lack of commitment.

“Work” area

It’s taken me hours to tear down my old computer area (I am graciously allowed a whole corner of the bedroom we keep desks and computers and whatnot in – the rest is taken up with the crafting of cute paperwork by the good folks at Nut and Bee) and then set up a whole environment. I felt that now I am finished, I should record the results.

Digital Hookers, Virtual Coke

Those of you who think you know my beloved Annette as being only interested in small fluffy (and/or fuzzy) animals and various other mega-cutesy kawai-i-i things should know that right now she’s in the lounge playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I believe she was just gunned down by the five-o.

Live and learn. Live and learn.

Hey Vegeta! What does the Alphachron say about his power level?

Slashdot just posted an article about how NASA are considering using an australian-developed piece of technology to look for signs of life on Mars.

This tech is called the “Alphachron”.

The Alphachron can not a real thing, dammit. Something called an Alphachron is…well it’s what the decepticons are trying to steal from the Autobots. It’s what Naruto has to protect from evil ninjas. A couple of reposession men are driving around a car with an Alphachron in the trunk. It’s in a crate next to the Ark. Nubile young manga teens fly huge anthropomorphic robots because of the Alphachron, eventually merging with it and forcing humanity to evolve into a supreme being composed entirely of love.

The Alphachron should certainly not be made by Australians.

The kool aid, I has drunked it. Is quite yum akshualy.

I have purchased an mac laptop, for the OSXing and the Final Cutting and the Garagebandage, and all that good stuff.

This will be an amusing learning curve – the last time I seriously used a mac, it was a mac classic running I guess System 7? Something like that. It’s been a good decade or so since I used a mac for reals. I’m told that the operating system has come some way since the mid 90’s….

Now I need to make a list of all my commonly used stuff, and find mac software that does it all. Amusingly, I’m likely to be 100% fine with OSX at a very very low level – a while back Annette had some issues with a piece of software on her iMac and asked me what I thought. Naturally, I said “Mmeidunnuh” while shrugging, because seriously, idun’t nuh. However, it eventually popped up a file permissions error and I said “Oh! Screwed up file permissions in the unix underbelly of this thing! That I can fix.” And indeed I did, once I found how to open a shell.

But high level operations of OSX? Could be amusing for Annette to watch me wrestle with it after using Windows operating systems ever since Doom came out and I switched from my beloved Amiga to a shitty, but Doom-playing, DOS-based PC.

Advice from Apple people on cool/must-have software is welcome.

Balls. Big ones.

This is entertaining AND irritating. Paul Brislen from Vodafone, replying to a gripe about the uselessness of Vodafone Live compared to The Internet, say the following:

“The reason customers use [Vodafone Live] in the first place is because going out onto the WWW without such protection can be fruitless and expensive. The front page of Stuff alone would cost a fortune to open…”

Fantastic. That’s a Vodafone NZ rep saying that VFLive is better than the internet because accessing the internet will cost you insanely high per-meg data charges. Data charges set by … Vodafone NZ.

This is pretty much exactly like being tried for murdering your parents and asking the judge for clemency because you are an orphan.

I presume VFLive servers are located in a data center in NZ. So are the servers. In order to get to at speed, Vodafone might have to run some peering links up to APE and/or WIX, but that’d probably cost no more than a few thousand a month for some GigE or 10gigE links, spread across their entire userbase. Accessing VFLive is free. Accessing costs 50c/megabyte. I’d like to see someone from Vodafone attempt to explain why.

I put on my wizard robe and hat….

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida substitute teacher says his job disappeared after doing a magic trick in front of his students.

Substitute teacher Jim Piculas made a toothpick disappear, then reappear in front of a classroom at Rushe Middle School in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. The Pasco County School District says there were several other performance issues, but none compared to his “wizardry.”

“I get a call the middle of the day from head of supervisor of substitute teachers. He says, ‘Jim, we have a huge issue. You can’t take any more assignments. You need to come in right away.’ I said, ‘Well, Pat, can you explain this to me?’ ‘You’ve been accused of wizardry,'” Piculas explained.

What century is it again? I forget. Also, does Jim Piculas weigh more than a duck? These things matter.

I really hope this is a joke, or a lie.