An Austrian army, awfully arrayed….

So the battery life on my Nokia N95 phone has never, frankly, been very stellar. However, in the last couple of days I have been using a bluetooth keyboard with it, and thus I have had to enable Bluetooth on the phone, which previously was disabled.

This has had what I would term a catastrophic effect on battery life. I keep the phone on my desk at work during the day, hooked up to a UBS PC interface and a charger. So at 5.00pm or so it was fully charged. I dropped it on the side table when I got home, and it was dead by mid-evening.

This was with WiFi disabled, screen brightness set to low, etc, and all the other little power saving tricks one usually does with ones gadgets.

Not. Impressed.

From now on, I’ll keep bluetooth off unless I want to use the keyboard.

Annette will be inheriting this phone (if she wants it – she has expressed happiness with her old Nokia – but its ability to act as a camera may interest her) once Apple release a 3G iPhone with 32GB of storage (and I promptly buy one) so I’d like for it to work nicely, both for myself and her.

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  1. That clunky old phone I have still lasts 5-6 days between charges, if I’m not doing much with it 😀

    The camera might be handy, though. I’ve been carrying around my old Cybershot for a while but it’s too much of a pain to pull out of the bag.