Why can’t you play a fucking G?

So I was talking to a friend of mine recently, he happens to live in the US, but I don’t hold that against him. He was telling me that he’d gotten into an argument with a couple of his friends .. over how they were doing when playing Rock Band. He’s up to Expert level, but the others are still down at Medium because, in his opinion, they’re not practicing enough and when they get together, instead of playing the game hard out, they spend too much time chatting and drinking.

He seemed quite put out that I nearly fell down laughing my ass off at this, but really, I couldn’t help it. The notion of a pretend band actually having a real-world rock-star style fight fills me with joy.

I did ask him if he said “I am fucking CARRYING this fucking band!” but he says he did not. I wish he had. Apparently he also didn’t say to his friends “You’ve changed, man.” nor did he tell them that “It used to be about the music”.

I hope he quits the band to start a solo project. That’s the perfect ending.

That’s going to leave a mark

From a story on Stuff:

“A Canterbury horse trainer has died after being kicked by a foal on his Leeston property.”

This is, of course, an unfortunate accident, and tragic for the family and friends of the man involved.

Sadly my first mental image upon reading the summary above was of a man folding up, clutching his groin and saying “Oooooo! Right in the Leeston Properties!”

I’m a bad man.

In Other News, Man Also Buys Car

Reported today in Stuff.co.nz:

National leader John Key has just got a late Christmas present most New Zealand families being squeezed by soaring interest rates and high prices would envy – a tropical holiday home in Hawaii.

Now … I am not at all pro-National, though I was actually a member of the party at one stage. I approved of their financial platform, but I switched to Labour when I found the Nats social platforms to be rather backwards.[1]

I think money is less important than people and this is why I now vote for Labour, despite the fact that I grit my teeth every time I see them spend tax dollars on shit that the government shouldn’t have anything to do with. So, anyway, I’m not a Nat fan or apologist.

Keeping that in mind, I think this story is a pointless load of shite. One can only guess it was an absurdly slow news day. Did NZ really need a piece of news that, in essence, is “Man buys house”? I suspect not.

What floats it down Lake Pointless then nudges it over the Lame Dam and sends it careening down The Objectionable River is the half-assed attempt to conflate the concepts of Key buying a property with the overall high level of NZ house prices.

Stay classy, Stuff. Stay classy.

[1] I won’t even get into my rant about how fiscal responsibility is somehow magically tied, in the world of politics, to social conservatism. Can’t you be keen on social progression AND not keen on sprawling, wasteful government?


The NZ Herald tech columnist Peter Griffin[1] writes the following:

I’ve been back and forth on email over the last few weeks with a Herald reader who believes his internet connection is being throttled back extensively because he is a big user of peer-to-peer file sharing systems. I should point out that he’s a legitimate user of such services – he’s a sound engineer and needs to send and receive big files. P2P is an efficient way of doing this.

“P2P” usually refers to a decentralised non-server based network, and these days usually also means a swarmed network like bittorrent. So, unless the sound engineer in question needs to send and recieve files to and from THE ENTIRE INTERNET, using a P2P network to move them around is the exact opposite of efficient.

If you want to send your mum an avi of you beatboxing the theme song to Super Mario Brothers, you open your IM client and send it directly, you don’t create a tracker for it, post a torrent link to the Pirate Bay and them IM your mum with the torrent URL. I am aware that strictly speaking, IMing your mum is a peer to peer transaction, as there’s no server involved, but that’s not what people mean these days when they talk about P2P.

[1] “You know Stewie, this reminds me of the time I described a tedious pop culture based non sequitur.” .. okay, he’s not THAT Peter Griffin. I bet he gets that a lot, though.

An Austrian army, awfully arrayed….

So the battery life on my Nokia N95 phone has never, frankly, been very stellar. However, in the last couple of days I have been using a bluetooth keyboard with it, and thus I have had to enable Bluetooth on the phone, which previously was disabled.

This has had what I would term a catastrophic effect on battery life. I keep the phone on my desk at work during the day, hooked up to a UBS PC interface and a charger. So at 5.00pm or so it was fully charged. I dropped it on the side table when I got home, and it was dead by mid-evening.

This was with WiFi disabled, screen brightness set to low, etc, and all the other little power saving tricks one usually does with ones gadgets.

Not. Impressed.

From now on, I’ll keep bluetooth off unless I want to use the keyboard.

Annette will be inheriting this phone (if she wants it – she has expressed happiness with her old Nokia – but its ability to act as a camera may interest her) once Apple release a 3G iPhone with 32GB of storage (and I promptly buy one) so I’d like for it to work nicely, both for myself and her.